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Note: Before you start reading these are old news I just complied them and posted them at a later date so I can’t cheat and post them individually as different posts. : /

1: 7 year old beats his grandmother


Same fuckwad who stole his grandmother’s SUV returns, like all those shitty Hollywood sequels(POTC3 *PUKE*).

This time for chicken wings. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK. >__>
His grandma said his parents fought in front of him, so he learned it from them. It depends on the person’s character in my opinion. If I saw my parents fight I would promise myself never ever to fight because I don’t want people to get hurt. But obviously people thinks they can just blame it on bad parenting. NO WAY.

2: Teen In Bomb Plot Wanted To “Kill Jesus”


Since he chose suicide he’s going to hell so WHERE IS JESUS?
(note I am not christian, in fact I’m pretty much atheist)
This dude is severely retarded.
Proves my point that even with straight As, booksmart people are not even remotely smart, they are in fact stupider than earthworms.

3: Emo girl commits suicide over Tokio Hotel lyrics



My buddy Clarice likes Tokio Hotel, she is not emo. And ERM DYING BECAUSE OF LYRICS IS STUPID. I listen to Koda Kumi:

Use your great technique and Make me say “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

And if she’s already emo, then what has Tokio Hotel got to blamed about? She already classifies herself as a emo, slitting wrists and writing shitty poems that no one gives a shit, so she is already depressed.


4: 13 year old suicides over fake Myspace account


I agree that the Drews were mean to the Megan girl for that fake myspace, but seriously she was just too weak-willed to die over that. Afterall it was just a fake account of a “hot” boy talking to her. It’s kinda…stupid to die because of some boy whom you’ve never even met. I doubt the Drews wanted the Megan girl to die, just maybe make her sad.

“This world would be a better place without you.”

was one of the messages she got, but hell, my childhood was plummelled by such claims, okay? All the stuff she said I gone through it as well but you don’t see me hanging myself right?

When I was in kindergarden we had a system that expelled one kid from the clique a day and I was always that unlucky one, so I have no friends. In primary school people hated me because I was always with stray cats, they wrote a anonymous letter to my mom just for it, and searched my bag for cat food to report about it >__> In secondary school, gangs came up to me for “insulting” one of their members, and accusations of dressing like a slut(erm my school skirt was so long it reached beyond my knees and the shirt was so long it would reach my knees) and a girl who hated me so much transferred out. Of course I had name-calling, being a lesbian, fat pig, don’t deserve to live, etc, etc.
they wanted me to feel sad as well.

I was a prick too because I didn’t give a crap to what they said I just feel bewildered because I did nothing really to deserve all that, guess it’s because I’m ugly, and NO I AM NOT GETTING PLASTIC SURGERY FOR IT.

Anyway back to the topic, the Drews were horrible but being stalked internet mobs is…a little extreme afterall it passed for a long time now. Still, the Drew parents shouldn’t have encouraged it, despite the Meier mother trying her best because Josh felt suspicious, she’s 13 and signed up for myspace even though she’s underaged :/

And if some “hot” guy approached me and said I have nice eyes I would tell him to fuck off. >__> or in my email I get a YOU FAGGOT BIATCH YOU SUCK YOU DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE I will delete that message too. When I was on LJ some iconmaker said I stole her graphics too >__> which is WTF. Needless to say I deleted the message.

Lori Drew was a sick sociopath for having so much free time as an adult to mass flame a 13 year old’s myspace for crying out loud, but it was still Megan’s choice to choose death. Death wasn’t the only choice, and nobody murdered her or forced her to die, Lori Drew is at fault but not entirely.
Perhaps “Josh” gave her false hope, but she shouldn’t have chose death for it. Afterall she has never ever met Josh, only through tiny virtual messages.

In conclusion, to quote Smogon.com/forums, “This is just natural selection getting rid of people too stupid to belong on the planet”. It sounds extremely harsh but it’s the truth.


5th post: ANIMALS <3

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My friend and animal lover Clarice sent me this link: http://www.peta2.com/ALP/index.asp?c=p22617

Thank you so much.
It’s horrible how those people are.

Despite me not liking PETA that much because I disagree with their ways of encouraging people to their site through sex and violence, the videos are worth watching. People SHOULD KNOW what’s behind that cheeseburger you’re eating.

A note before I begin:
I’m not forcing you to accept what I believe.
Just take the evidence and make your own judgement.

but I know at the end of this, I’ll get hated more. But whatever.

Animals deserve our respect. What makes them different from us? Many may not believe it but animals do understand your feelings. What justifies us to torture, exploit and kill them for our own advantages?
Why should animals die for our own pleasure? It’s just unfair.

I’m ending this post short because I want the videos to be watched.

PS. If you’re a vegetarian just because you want to lose weight, it sucks and defeats the purpose because after everything you will go back to eating meat and it’s worse. Personally as a vegan I’m offended by such people.

And not to be paranoid, but isn’t it kinda suspicious how
Scientists give drugs to animals so that they grow fatter so there’s more food
And a growing number of people are become obese it’s a health threat they can’t move properly, not because of glandular problems or hereditary.
What if it’s a conspiracy to eat human flesh? Something or someone out there is controlling the government and thus able to control the world. I find it plausible. We could all become obese and become food for some other being out there. : (

Not good.

boring rant on faith healers : (

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Why are people so gullible?
They give large numbers of money and sell their objects like houses and endanger the lives of their loved ones and themselves to so-called psychics like Sylvia Browne who do nothing but use cold reading methods to be “psychic”.

“I see a door…”
“8, I see an 8…”
“Something to do with the colour red…”
“Bill…does that name makes sense to you? No? What about Amy?”

or they ask you,
“Did he have chest pains before he died?”
“Yes? I know.”

They’re merely guessing about in the dark about nonsense and then questioning and reaffirming what has been told and that is called Psychic? I’m more psychic than them then!
They would also often give numerous names like Billy, Bob, Candice, Candy, Clarissa, Danny, Donny etc.
There’s bound to be one right!!

And the Faith Healers. People like Peter Popoff and Benny Hinn.
They claim to be able to hear God telling them what illness has befouled their audience or whatever.
Fact is in Peter Popoff’s case he used a wireless earpiece connected to his wife(NOT god) who tells him the information viz “prayer cards” filled out by the audience previously. That’s all. There’s nothing to it.

As Marjoe has bravely stepped out and told the truth with a documentary he shot himself (behind his father’s back) that he was a fraud and his parents wanted to be rich ever since he was a kid and utilised his talents in mimicking (other faith healers) and him not being scared of crowds, and that to be a “faith healer” is easy.

(1) Put their hands in yours.
(2) Start screaming hysterically about Jesus saving you or what not
(3) Push them backwards forcefully

It actually just feeds on their faith and emotion to do this.
Agitating their emotions through forceful words and then giving them a shock by pushing them backwards.
Many of the so-called “Healed” are in truth not even healed at all!
Some of them may feel better because

(1) Their illness was psychological, it did not exist
(2) Belief is a powerful thing. It may just be that they just recovered because of the placebo effect.
(3) They have actually been to a doctor previously, LATER they went to Faith Healers, but the medicine from the doctors already cured them.

And the supposed healers who can pick out the bad parts from your body and perform surgery without cutting open bodies, with the videos showing them digging bare hands into the patient’s belly (even if the tumour is say…in the brain) with blood spurting everywhere and then they go TA-DA!
*takes out piece of rotting thing*

Even I can do that.
They simply sneak blood packs(or even just betel nut juice if my brain doesn’t fail me) and maybe some animal bits into their hands and simply open them causing a bloody effect. Tests on the blood have been proven to be pig’s blood. But now this people are “OH IT’S A MIRACLE THE HUMAN BLOOD TURNED INTO PIG’S BLOOD!” >__>

But isn’t faith in something a good thing?
some people claim that even though these faith healers did nothing they had the patients feel better psychologically.
Sylvia Browne has led the parents of missing children to all sorts of wrong spots, wasting time for the police, parents and the endangered child. That’s not helping them.
And about faith healing, many of the patients deny actual medical treatment because the healers told them not to and God will heal them. They die in the process, at many times which should be saved.

In conclusion, don’t be so gullible and believe what people tell you about healing you.
For more information visit randi.org. <3RANDIISTEHBEST

3rd Post: I can’t pic-spam no more which is bad : (

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OK I talk about Pokemon : )

People think Pokemon is a childish game – you enter your name and become a Pokemon trainer and go “catch em all”. And you battle monsters to gain experience points, level up and battle other monsters.

But unfortunately IT IS NOT. >: ( It is very competitive and you need a lot of strategies to win. Most competitive battlers are 17+ (some nearing 30) and it’s almost equivalent to playing Halo or whatever stuff. Of course internet sources are unreliable, but a user on Smogon(competitive battling Pokemon forum) said that when he was a kid he went to a Pokemon convention and got totally trashed by an older kid who knew how to play the game.

Major improvements have been made to the game since the first generation, there are individual values, effort values, dynamic values of the different Pokemons in the game and it is much harder to obtain stronger Pokes. I bred like a billion of same Pokemon just to get one with good in-bred stats, just like genetics. : ( Strong parents will produce stronger babies. And introduced in the second generation was Shiny Pokemon. Everytime you meet a wild Pokemon there’s a 1/8100++ chance of it being a shiny Pokemon of different colour. It is basically just a trophy to show it off to other players, but amazing to own. (I personally have around 6 of them ^__^)

But the thing I love most is the strategies of the game.

EG. Breloom

Takes 1/4 the user’s max HP to create a Substitute that takes damage and blocks non-damaging moves until it’s broken or the user switches.

Focus Punch
Tightens user focus on the first turn and attacks on the second. Deals major damage. Move fails when user is attacked while tightening focus.

Puts the opponent to sleep

Seed Bomb
Normal attack for regular damage.

Breloom is good because he’s rather speedy and can put the opponent to sleep through Spore, set up a substitute to prevent himself from dying that fast(he has shitty defenses that are as strong as tissue paper) and while he Focus Punches. High Attack and STAB(Same Type Attack Bonus x1.5) usually can OHKO(one hit KOs) anything who comes in. And he has a special ability Poison Heal that heals itself when poisoned, which makes him even stronger because I usually let him hold Toxic Orb that inflicts Poison status and while poisoned, can’t be status-ed with sleep, paralysis, burn or freeze.



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i am too lazy to write something so here’s some funnies.

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Husband: ‘Hey honey, I’m back.

Did you hear me? I’m home.’

Wife: “Where were you?! You promised me you would be back for dinner! Is that alcohol? DId you go drinking? How many times have I-”

Husband: ‘Yeah, yeah, 183 times this week. I forgot to call you back. I’m sorry.’

Wife: “How could you forget? You promised this candlelit dinner since last week!? I HATE YOU!!!!!!”


Wife: “Back so late?”

Husband: “Busy at work.”

Wife: ” You didn’t call home.”

Husband: “Sorry.”